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Roof Shingles

Our Process



VA Exteriors will always start with a thorough inspection of your roof, siding, windows, doors or gutters. We will document all of our findings and take all necessary photos. Each inspection is followed by a brief discussion with each homeowner regarding our findings and areas of concern. 



Once our inspection is complete, VA Exteriors will provide you with a proposal that includes a detailed guide of what needs to be repaired and execute a plan so that it will be fixed properly. We will also discuss options for your needs, products, time-frame, job-site safety and warranties. We will provide both a hard copy and emailed copy of our proposal.



Once you have agreed on our proposal and it has been processed by VA Exteriors, you will receive an email from our production manager regarding delivery dates for your materials and start dates for our installation. Contact information will be given to you for our production coordinator, quality control team member and owners so you will always have multiple sources of communication. In addition, your sales representative will always be available and will be working with you from start to finish on each project.



On the agreed date and time, our installation team will arrive at your home to set up and begin your project. Each project is installed per VA residential building codes, manufacturer requirements and OSHA safety guidelines by our teams who are trained quarterly to follow such guidelines. Each job site will remain clean from start to completion. We will protect your landscaping, sides of your home, walkways, garage doors and a/c units from any falling debris. Should the crew run into any unexpected issues, you will be contacted right away. There will always be an installation team leader, quality control team member or sales representative present during your installation process and at the time of completion. 



VA Exteriors requires no payment due until our work is complete and you are 100% satisfied. We accept checks, all major credit cards, and online payments. You can also choose to utilize our financing options.



VA Exteriors proudly offers a 25 year labor warranty on every project. Manufacturer warranties are also included on all materials used on your project. All information can be found on our warranty page and manufactures websites. 

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