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Roof Replacement

Getting a new roof installed on your house is a great way to update your home and improve curb appeal.  VA Exteriors will work with you to explain everything you need to know about getting a new roof on your home.  We have put together a simple outline of what you can expect to the days leading up to, during and after your new roof installation. 

Roof Installation Process

  •  All roofing replacements take 1-2 days to install. 

  • Our dump trailer will be delivered to your home a day before our installation date. 

  • The delivery of your new roofing materials will arrive 1-3 days before your project begins. Depending on accessibility, these materials may be placed directly on your roof or in your driveway. 

  • Upon arrival we will protect your home with the following: 

    • Tarps to protect and cover all the sides of your home, decks, sidewalks, landscaping, lightening and all other valuables.

    • ​4x8 sheets of plywood to protect and cover your garage doors and AC units. ​​

  • Roofing tear off will now begin. Roofing will be torn off in sections. All debris will be directly placed in our dump trailer. 

  • Once decking is exposed, any rotted plywood will be replaced and all decking will be re-nailed to ensure a flat surface. 

  • Underlayment will be installed using ice and water shield, synthetic felt paper and drip edge.

  • All flashing on side walls, chimneys, skylights and around pipe collars will be replaced and resealed. 

  • Starter shingles will be installed along the entire perimeter, following with roofing shingles, ridge vent and ridge cap shingles. 

  • After completion of your project, final yard clean up and removal of all trash/debris.

  • Final walk through of your property and project to assure a job well done. 

Fully Certified and Insured Professionals

A functioning roof is essential for keeping your home protected from the weather and water intrusion, so you need an experienced contractor to complete your replacement. We are fully certified and insured professionals with the training and experience required to ensure precision roof replacements. Our technicians are experienced in the replacement of all types of roofing, and all materials and labor are covered by warranty.


*All projects will be installed per local building codes and manufactures specifications *

If you think your roof might need a replacement, VA Exteriors is here to help. Being proactive and spotting signs of deterioration and damage early is always recommended. 

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