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Roofing Skylights

Skylights visually expand areas, bring in natural light and can ventilate living spaces with fresh air. They are perfect for expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in, dark spaces that can be transformed with natural light and sky views. VA Exteriors installs VELUX skylights in all sizes for cathedral and flat ceilings, sloped walls, sloped and flat roofs. VELUX skylights are insulated for all seasons and come in custom sizes. Tinting, UV protection and automatic blinds are available optional features.

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What’s the difference between a fixed and vented skylight?

A fixed skylight is sealed tight, meaning it won’t open. These skylights are just for light or looking up and out. 

A vented skylight opens to allow fresh air into your home. These skylights come in a few ways to open and close (solar, electrical, manual).

Knowing if you want fixed or vented helps narrow down your skylight options. If you don’t think you’ll ever open your skylights, fixed is the way to go. On the other hand, if you like a lot of fresh air, a vented skylight is for you. 


The 3 most common types of VELUX skylights 

1. Solar-powered “Fresh Air” Skylight 

VELUX’s solar-powered “Fresh Air” skylight is a vented skylight that uses the sun’s power to open and close. A few things that the “Fresh Air” solar-powered skylight offers that a couple of the others on this list don’t. One is the acoustic rain sensor that detects anything that sounds like rain and automatically closes your skylight if you left it open. This skylight does come with a 10-year No Leak warranty.

2. Manual “Fresh Air” Skylight 

VELUX’s manual “Fresh Air” skylight is a vented skylight that opens and closes by hand. But how do you open and close it by hand? If you can reach it by hand, it opens with a turning handle. If you can’t reach it, you’ll have an operator hook to open and close it. The manual “Fresh Air” skylight comes with an insect screen to prevent pests from getting into your home. However, if you accidentally leave it open, there’s no way to close it without physically being there. It also comes with the 10-year No Leak warranty.

3. Fixed Skylight

VELUX’s fixed skylights are sealed and won’t open, but they’re a great way to provide natural light without obstructing your roofline. These skylights are just for light or looking up and out. They come in versatile sizing options for better flexibility when choosing where you want your skylight. It comes with the 10-year No Leak Warranty.

Our knowledgeable estimators will assist you with replacing your current skylight or determining the appropriate placement of your new skylight to attain the best light without compromising your home or roof structure. 

Click below to learn more about Velux and the skylight options they have to offer

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