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What to Expect From Our Professional Roof Inspections


A roof inspection consists of four categories: Installation, Materials, Structure and Interior

  • Installation: Poor installation is the number one cause of all roof leaks. Common signs we look for indicating your roof may have been poorly installed are as follows:

    • Fasteners are wrong or improperly applied

    • Missing drip edge

    • Roof is not uniform

    • Missing underlayment

    • Missing shingles 

    • Poorly installed pipe flashing

    • Improper valley installation 

  • Materials

    • Missing, broken, loose, buckled, curled or blistered shingles

    • Masses of stain, moss and lichen which may indicate your roof is decaying underneath

    • Missing, damaged or rusted flashing

    • Cracked caulk over nail heads and seams   

    • Gaps in rubber boots and seals around vent pipes

    • Shingle granules that have settled in roof valleys or on the ground at the bottom of gutter downspouts is a sign that the roof could be near the end of its useful life 

  • Structural:

    • Uneven roof planes and signs of sagging

    • Examine the condition of the soffit, fascia, and gutter system

    • Masonry chimneys will also be inspected for crumbling grout, cracks and damaged chimney caps.

    • Improper venting can lead to heat and moisture buildup that reduces roof life and increases the risk of ice dams forming at the roof’s edge


  • Interior: Roof leaks ultimately damage your home, therefore we  will check

    • Interior ceilings and walls for water stains, mold, rot and other signs that water is making its way into your home. 

    • Attic and insulation

Roof Inspection

Your project with VA Exteriors always starts with a thorough inspection, which will help you understand the current state of your roof. We will be looking for leaks, unusual wear and tear and problems that may have occurred during shingle installation or subsequent repairs. Aging, falling limbs or trees, wind, hail or other objects can also cause major roof damage. We will provide you with detailed summary and photographic evidence of trouble areas so you can make an informed decision about your roofing repairs and replacements.

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improper valley .png

Please contact VA Exteriors if you are in need of an inspection

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