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Siding Repair

Siding repairs are only occasionally required. Every now and then even the most durable and well-made siding can suffer damage. Although we install only the finest vinyl and fiber cement siding from reputable manufacturers like James Hardie, PlyGem and CertainTeed, there are outside factors that could lead to the need for siding repairs. Some of these factors include:


  • Poor installation 

  • Damage related to harsh weather conditions

  • Aging 

  • Structural damage

  • Fire or smoke damage

  • Insect/pest/bird damage 

5 Signs You May Need Need A Siding Repair

1. Warped, buckled, bulged or wavy siding: This is a direct result from siding that was nailed too tightly during installation. Nails may also pop to create bulges in exterior siding. 

2. Dents, chips and cracks: In some cases, severe storms can lead to hail damage. Strong winds can blow hail at an angle that leads to dents, chips and cracks. While a few dents here and there don’t look great, they generally won’t lead to moisture damage. However, cracks and chips can expose the underlying structure to water.

3. Structural concerns: It is unusual for a house to move slightly, although it is not impossible. Sometimes older homes can settle and create slight shifts in the overall structure. When this happens, the siding could buckle or bulge. 

4. Damage from insects, pests and birds: If you live near a wooded area, there’s a chance nature’s critters have found their way into your home and possibly under your siding. Birds, squirrels and field mice seek warmth in the winter, and your house is a large source of heat in cold weather. It is possible for bugs to live underneath your siding. Termites will especially seek out rotted wood. 

5. Grill/Heat source: our advice is to always place your grill at least 10 feet away from your home or outdoor deck. Otherwise, the heat emanating from the grill will melt and warp your homes exterior siding. Grilling too close to your home can also start a fire. 

If you think your siding might need repairs, we highly recommend scheduling a free inspection.  

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