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Siding Replacement

Siding Installation Process

One of the first details people notice about a home is the exterior treatment. Color, attention to detail, and clean lines all impact first impressions. Siding replacement improves your homes value and helps to maximize its visual appeal. High-quality siding replacement is essential to the structural integrity of all buildings.

  • All siding replacement projects are typically installed in 2-3 days

  • Removal and complete tear off of existing siding, fan fold and moisture barrier (if present) All debris will be placed directly in our dump trailer 

  • Inspection of sheathing to check for any rotted wood (replace if needed)

  • Installation of Rigid Foam (Extruded Polystyrene Fanfold Underlayment Foam Insulation 1/4") to even walls so siding lays flat and to provide insulation for home

  • Installation of a moisture barrier (house wrap), this will prevent water from entering the insulation and sheathing preventing any mold or rotted sheathing

  • Installation of channels around trim of windows, doors and all openings. This will be used to lock in the siding sections. 

  • Installation of accessory blocks (water spigot, electrical exterior light, etc)

  • Installation of starter strip. We follow the sheathing of the house and subtract a 1/4 of an inch and make a caulk line to ensure the starter is perfectly flat and all sections above are even. 

  • Installation of preferred siding sections starting from the bottom of the wall

  • Caulk all areas that are needed such as windows, doors and all other openings

  • After completion of your project,  final yard clean up and removal of all debris

  • Final inspection of siding installation to make sure all of the steps were followed and siding will last as intended

Fully Certified and Insured Professionals

Functioning and solid siding is essential for keeping your home protected from the weather and water intrusion, so you need an experienced contractor to complete your project. We are fully certified and insured professionals with the training and experience required to ensure precision siding replacement. Our technicians are experienced in the replacement of all types of siding, and all materials and labor are covered by warranty.


*All projects will be installed per local building codes and manufactures specifications *

If you think your siding might need replacement, we recommend contacting VA Exteriors today!

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